Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Review of February's Z Box

What is a Z Box? A Z Box is a box of samples from various shops on The items you may find in a Z Box vary month to month. I've opened a grand total of four Z Boxes and one Z Bundle (smaller version of the Z box). Each time there has been something new. If you like surprises and discovering new handmade shops, a Z Box is a great buy! If you own a Zibbet shop, it can also be a great way to advertise your products. I was in Z Box a few times when I had a shop. (I decided to close both of my shops last week for personal reasons.)

This month's Z Box was a special themed box called, Z Love Box. While the best thing I ever got in a Z Box (A bracelet from LittleWishesJewelry) wasn't in it, it was the best all-around Z Box I've had the pleasure of receiving! It was loaded with so much great stuff that I'm only able to list a few here. All shop names link to the mentioned shop.

First-A "sample" of Illipe Body Souffle from Marie Dean. I put sample in quotes because compared to typical samples, this thing is HUGE! It is a thick cream that smells great!

Second-A pair of earrings from Xquisitely Lady M. These earrings are very cool! I like the beads that are worked into the chain, and the colors are perfect for Valentine's Day.

Third-A heart-shaped sucker from Custom Candy Creations. I've bought from Custom Candy Creations before so I know this is going to be good!

Fourth-A heart cookie cell phone charm from Clay Art by Daresa. I love how cute this is!

Fifth-A pair of earrings from It's My Thing! Designs. My favorite thing about this sample was the way it was packaged. It was wrapped up like a very pretty present. It wasn't the only one that was wrapped, but this was wrapped in a way that they had a little pocket for their business card. It was really cool, and I regret not getting a picture before I opened it.

Here is a picture of almost everything that came in my Z Love Box. (I was wearing the bracelet that came so it isn't in the picture. Sorry.)

Links of where you can find Z Box...