Thursday, September 8, 2016

Salt Lake Comic Con 2016

I know it has been almost three years since I wrote in this blog, but I told you in the beginning I suck at blogging. Anyway, so many of my friends have asked to see my pictures from Salt Lake Comic Con that I decided to put them in my blog so I could easily share a link to all of them.

These first two pictures are for my friend, Jacque. She asked me to get pictures of Game of Thrones people. Since I've never seen the show and know only a teeny-tiny bit about it, this was the best I could do.

Me in the "sword chair"

Those two people I know are from Game of Thrones

Here are some more cosplayers...

Belle and I

This lady was perfect as Donna!

Odette-The Swan Princess

Guy riding a dinosaur. The guy was on stilts so it was pretty convincing. 

Yoda and Luke- Cutest. Cosplay. EVER!


Joy and Sadness

I only saw two Joy cosplayers there. This Joy and Sadness were perfect. They even had a memory! The other Joy I saw had the meanest scowl on her face. I thought it was hilarious that Anger was dressed as Joy!

I also walked over to KidCon because I wanted to see the castle. The castle turned out to be pretty lame, but there was a balloon artist there beneath some Star Wars balloon sculptures.

We also visited the Karen Gillan TARDIS. I wish I had gotten a picture of the sign that tells why it is named the Karen Gillan TARDIS, but I didn't. The day we went there to take pictures was the day I wore my Amy Pond cosplay so I thought it was extra cool that is was the Karen Gillan TARDIS. (Karen Gillan is Amy Pond in Doctor Who.)

Me as Amy Pond outside the TARDIS

Me as Amy Pond coming out of the TARDIS
There was a TARDIS outside too, but it wasn't nearly as cool as this one because this one has mirrors inside that make it "bigger on the inside". Here are some more of the things surrounding the exhibit.

The case of Sonic Screwdrivers -Pic 1

The case of Sonic Screwdrivers -Pic 2

One of the Silence -Look quick! I'm surprised this image is still here.

River and Rose

Doctor -11th, 10th, 9th, and 4th regenerations

I forgot to take crowd pictures on Thursday and Friday to prove that it starts out crowded and moves to insanely crowded by Saturday, but I did get a few pictures Saturday. The vendor hall is always the most crowded. I took those pictures by standing on a balcony outside the vendor hall and looking through the windows.

Vendor Hall-Pic 1

Vendor Hall-Pic 2

The least crowded place at the con

It is worth it to brave the crowd in the vendor hall though. It is the main reason I save up for Comic Con all year long. There are so many cool things to buy! This year, the most expensive thing I bought was my "very expensive piece of blue cardboard" as Mom calls it. It was a big TARDIS-shaped mystery box full of Doctor Who stuff. After seeing what was in it, Mom did agree that it was worth the money I paid and then some.

The expensive piece of blue cardboard and almost everything that was in it

The TARDIS box (handles down) and the bank missing in the first pic

While my favorite thing that I bought this year was my "piece of blue cardboard", the best part of the vendor hall is Artist Alley. That is where artists sell their stuff. I usually buy mostly stickers, but I also get things for my bedroom walls and for other people. I LOVE Hannah Lynn art trading cards too. I almost bought one of her coloring books this year, but ended up not being able to walk back to her booth to get it because I was having problems with my legs. There were a few things I wanted from Rob Prior, but he didn't have them in a size that would fit in my room. I'm hoping to get it later from his website because his assistant said a lot of people had been requesting that same picture in the size I wanted. I also love Aneeka Richins' comic "Not A Villain". She said she's coming out with Volume 4 soon. I can't wait! (I love Myka Jelina too, but I've never seen her at Comic Con.)

To give credit where credit is due:

The big TARDIS picture is from False Positive. (can't link to them because the address on their free bookmark,, doesn't work)

The picture of Rose and Ten is from Val Hochberg.

The small trading cards are from Hannah Lynn.

The stickers with the blue background are from Crizltron.

The TARDIS stickers (My favorite are the "Her name was Rose" ones.) are from Whitney Brown. (This link says the site is still "under development" so I'm not sure if it will work later or not.)

I also bought a pet dragon and a nail art kit from other vendors. I'm really glad I bought the pet dragon because I can wrap him around my walker, but I feel I was kind of suckered into buying the nail art kit. I just didn't realize it until I walked away. At least it is a nail art kit Mom wanted to try. I'd love to link to the people I bought the pet dragon from, but they didn't give a business card or anything.

My pet dragon and the nail art kit
Pet dragon on my wrist. He's so cute!

His back glows in the dark, and his eyes appear to glow in the light.

I also got three T-shirts. The front one came with the Gold Pass (3-day ticket to Salt Lake Comic Con plus extra perks) I bought, and it has my Gold wristband and lanyard with it. I got the other two at the con. I also bought another one, but it is a Christmas gift so I won't be displaying it here.

T-shirts from the con
The only thing that really pissed me off about Salt Lake Comic Con was the program's cover. Typically, the cover is a collage of multiple celebrities that are featured at the con. This is the first Salt Lake Comic Con program I've seen that was all one celebrity, Mark Hamill (I realize Carrie Fisher is in there too, but she wasn't featured at the con.) It is great artwork, but the fact that it acted as though Mark Hamill was the only one there made me mad. Mark Hamill wasn't announced until shortly before the con, and he wasn't the only one there. I mean all the Dukes (except Uncle Jesse) from Dukes of Hazzard were there, and they weren't on the cover. Plus Evanna Lynch from Harry Potter and bunch of people from other great fandoms were there, but they are barely mentioned on the inside. As you can tell, this really irritated me. Here is a picture of the program so you can see what I mean.

The piss-off program for Salt Lake Comic Con 2016
Anyway, program cover aside, it was a great con, and I had such a good time. I love going to Salt Lake Comic Con, and I can't wait for next year! I hope you all enjoyed my blog, and if you read this far, I want you to know that I greatly appreciate your time. Please leave me a comment to let me know you were here. Have a fun day!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Special Delivery for Jeremy

When I got up this morning, there was a box on the table with glitter all over it and the table! It was sparkly and pretty, but also a very big mess. The package was addressed to Jeremy from Santa so I had to wait for Jeremy to get up to see what was inside. It is Saturday so he got to sleep in. It seemed like forever before he woke up! He slept three hours later than I did so I had a long time to wait.

Jeremy finally got up just before eight. He was so excited to see the box because he got one like it last year. 

As he was opening it, he said, "I hope it is a magic mailbox again!" 

Santa taped it shut with peppermint duct tape so it was a little difficult to open. After he got one side cut, we discovered that the tape on top wasn't stuck tight so he was able to pull it off. 

Inside the box was letter explaining that it was indeed one of Santa's magic mailboxes. The letter explained that the mailbox has a direct connection to the North Pole. Whenever Jeremy puts a letter in the mailbox, it will be magically sent to the North Pole that night while everyone is sleeping. Then Santa can write him back using the mailbox to deliver it. Santa will pick the mailbox up on Christmas Eve to take back to the North Pole, but Jeremy can write to him as often as he wants until then.

Here are some more pictures of Jeremy with Santa's mailbox...

After we put the mailbox on the entertainment center, Jeremy and I went to the dining room to clean up the glitter. It was everywhere! Most of it was on the table, and we were able to brush most of that into the garbage, but there was some on the chairs and floor, including a path of glitter from Jeremy taking the box into the living room. Jeremy is writing to Santa right now. He said he is going to ask him to use his magic to make the rest of the glitter dissolve. He is such a fun kid, and I'm very lucky to have him as my little brother!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

More pictures, as promised

Hello again! I was rereading some of my old blogs when I realized I promised you more pictures from my vacation. Well, late is better than never, right? So, here are a bunch of pictures from my trip to Virginia and DC.

Me in front of the Tidal Basin and Jefferson Memorial

Cool flag inside the Smithsonian Castle

Me at the Orchids of Latin American Exhibit at the Natural History Museum

Me in the Air and Space Museum

Amelia Earhart's plane at the Air and Space Museum
 This next pic is my favorite. My beautiful friend, Sarah, took it. :)

Me and Jake outside the Life is Good store in National Harbor

Me at Great Falls

Cherry Blossoms...for real this time. LOL!

I thought this was really cool!

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms with Jefferson Memorial in the background

Me and Sinde in the Blue Room at the White House!

Actually, we are in front of a Blue Room mural in the White House gift shop, but that is beside the point. :P

So, now you've seen more pictures of my vacation, some of which didn't even make it to Facebook because I've been slacking off there too. I really enjoyed my trip, and I'm already saving up to go there again!