Saturday, July 13, 2013

More pictures, as promised

Hello again! I was rereading some of my old blogs when I realized I promised you more pictures from my vacation. Well, late is better than never, right? So, here are a bunch of pictures from my trip to Virginia and DC.

Me in front of the Tidal Basin and Jefferson Memorial

Cool flag inside the Smithsonian Castle

Me at the Orchids of Latin American Exhibit at the Natural History Museum

Me in the Air and Space Museum

Amelia Earhart's plane at the Air and Space Museum
 This next pic is my favorite. My beautiful friend, Sarah, took it. :)

Me and Jake outside the Life is Good store in National Harbor

Me at Great Falls

Cherry Blossoms...for real this time. LOL!

I thought this was really cool!

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms with Jefferson Memorial in the background

Me and Sinde in the Blue Room at the White House!

Actually, we are in front of a Blue Room mural in the White House gift shop, but that is beside the point. :P

So, now you've seen more pictures of my vacation, some of which didn't even make it to Facebook because I've been slacking off there too. I really enjoyed my trip, and I'm already saving up to go there again!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I'm still living!/Summer Fun

Hi all! I just wanted to post a quick entry to let you know I'm still alive and well. I've been blessed to have quite a bit going on lately. We've been having a busy, but fun summer. This year, in addition to our yearly zoo membership, we also have family memberships to Clark Planetarium and the Living Planet Aquarium as well as season passes to Lagoon. In addition to all of the fun busyness, I'm also preparing to be in the Main Street Arts Festival in Magna on August 24th. We haven't yet heard if we've been accepted as a vendor, but I'm getting ready anyway. Here are some fun pictures of what we've been doing lately...

At Clark Planetarium...

Some of the Lego exhibits at Hogle Zoo...

Picture of Jeremy in the eagle's nest at Hogle Zoo...

 At Lagoon...

By the way, I also cut my hair. This Before/After was made the first time I cut it in May, but it is actually a little shorter than that now...

I hope you are all having a great summer too!