Saturday, July 9, 2011

Three rings and a smile!

My little brother can be a real sweetie. He spent the morning with his maternal grandma. They stopped at Smith's where she let him get some rings from the quarter machines by the door. He got four of them. One he is saving to give his school friend when school starts again. He gave the other three to me. They are super cute! There is a lime green kitty face, a light pink mickey mouse face, and my favorite: a hot pink heart! Even though they barely go past the first knuckle on my pinky and ring fingers, I still wear them because Jeremy was so excited to give them to me.

I was wearing the kitty and the heart while I was folding some sheets in the laundry room. I had just finished folding my purple sheet when I noticed that the heart ring was missing! The heart ring was my favorite so I immediately started searching for it. I found the heart folded in my purple sheet, but I still couldn't find the ring part. Jeremy came downstairs to talk to me, and asked if I was okay. I said, "Sort of. My heart ring broke, and I can't find the ring part." So he helped me look for it. He found it under the washing machine.

We were both excited when he found it. It is really cool when the little things make you happy. If you wait for the big things to make you happy, you miss out on a lot of the little thrills in life.

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