Saturday, August 6, 2011

When did I become obsessed with black?

Okay. Maybe 'obsessed' is the wrong word. I don't wear all black or anything like that, but a lot of my fashion decisions are ruled by black! When I get new glasses, they have to have black frames so they will go with anything I wear. I've been wearing boring black frames for years! What happened to wearing purple frames? When I was in junior high, I wore purple frames, and it didn't bother me at all. When I buy a new swimsuit, it has to be black because it is slimming. When I buy a skirt or something similar, it has to be black so I can wear different tops with it and still match. Even my purses are black, except for the denim one because denim goes with almost everything too. As I sit here, I can list more things I own that are black. For example: my hair claw and other hair accessories are all black! So, when did black creep in and take over? When did I start caring that things match? If I really think about it, I could tell you that it probably started in junior high, but didn't really take root until high school, and now it is so ingrained in my life, I'll probably never get rid of it!

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