Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cherry Blossoms...not really

EDIT 4/9/13: Umm...My friend and I made a huge and stupid mistake. She said they were cherry trees so I believed her. What I couldn't believer were how big the cherry blossoms in DC were. Well, that is because these are not cherry blossoms. They are magnolia trees! I got to see the real cherry blossom trees today. While they were absolutely gorgeous, I liked the magnolia trees better. They smelled good. :) I'll post pictures of the real cherry blossoms soon.


We went to the Smithsonian Castle on Tuesday. In the courtyard behind the castle, the cherry blossoms were blooming!!! It was so pretty! Here are some pictures...




  1. Oh, Melissa, thank you so much for sharing these. They are magnificent and at 73, I will never have a chance to see these for real, so this is a true treat for me. I am so glad you posted the link on my blog. Thanks again. Evie

  2. There are beautiful. . so glad you made it there to see them. Love you, TAM