Friday, April 12, 2013

You know you've been gone too long when...

Hi all! I will be posting more blog entries/pictures about my vacation, but I wanted you to know that I had a great time and have made it home safely. It is good to be home after over two weeks, but a little strange too. You know you've been gone too long when... takes you five minutes to find the nail clippers that are in the same place they've been kept in for the last couple years. can't remember where the spatulas are. get lost/forgetful when doing your typical morning routine. come home and there is a "couch" in the living room where Dad's desk used to be. is very obvious that your family missed you very much. Pictures to prove it:

They decorated my room! ...I'm not taking these down unless I have to!

This balloon was positioned so it would pop out at me when I opened my door.

Daffies plus a pinwheel equals AWESOME!

This one also serves to prove my mom is AWESOME! the friends and family that helped her with it.

More "Welcome Home" surprises

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  1. Hi MAD, I love the blogs you have posted recently. I think you should post another one of your wreath now that we have put all that we remembered on there. ;-)

    Love you and glad that you are home.