Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Finished Wreath AKA More Proof My Mom is Awesome!

Apparently the Happy Spring wreath that Mom made for my Welcome Home surprise wasn't quite finished yet. We finished it yesterday, and it is even more awesome now!

By the way, my Welcome Home decorations are still up for the most part. Shaylee seems determined to take them down. She doesn't seem able to pull them down, but a few have gotten caught on things and pulled from the ceiling so I've had to put them back up. Here is Shaylee trying to get them down...

I promise to post more pictures from my vacation soon. I just need to get them better organized first. Have a fabulously fun day!


  1. Very cute video of her attempting to take all your decorations down.

  2. You are the most awesome daughter and WE love you.. You deserve so much more than we give you. You will always be loved. :)